Notorious Casolini


作者:Angelo Crapanzano[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61204-761-4 ; 978-1-60911-129-8 ; 1-61204-761-0 ; 1-60911-129-X

Inspired by real events, the novel tells of the life and adventure of a Sicilian Peppino Casolini in early 1900s. The ruling class turned on his family with deadly results.

  • Foreword(p.vii)
  • Chapter 1A Simple Life(p.1)
  • Chapter 2Five Years Later(p.17)
  • Chapter 3A Moment of Happiness(p.43)
  • Chapter 4Height of Terror(p.71)
  • Chapter 5Depths of Depression(p.101)
  • Chapter 6Bad Choices(p.127)
  • Chapter 7Love Blossoms(p.151)
  • Chapter 8Black Thursday(p.175)
  • Chapter 9The Last Casoli(p.201)
  • Chapter 10The Outlaw(p.229)
  • Chapter 11Notorious Casolini(p.251)
  • Chapter 12The Wicked Witch Is Dead(p.275)
  • Chapter 13Alone Again(p.297)
  • Chapter 14Paid In Full(p.317)