Blue skies red soil:death of America


作者:by David T. Mudra


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-60911-148-9 ; 1-60911-148-6

A novel filled with espionage, murder, warfare, intertwined with historical events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

  • Prelude(p.vii)
  • Chapter 1The Beginning of the End(p.1)
  • Chapter 2The American Adventure(p.5)
  • Chapter 3The Voyage Home(p.33)
  • Chapter 4Qin Shi’s Military Career(p.39)
  • Chapter 5Susan Fearing for Her Life(p.63)
  • Chapter 6Qin Shi’s Hatred for America(p.77)
  • Chapter 7Susan’s New Life(p.97)
  • Chapter 8幽灵 鬼魂 战士Phantom Ghost Warriors(p.101)
  • Chapter 9The San Francisco Drug Operation(p.133)
  • Chapter 10The Death of Chairman Mao(p.151)
  • Chapter 11The Raid on E.W.I.E.(p.161)
  • Chapter 12General Chong’s Vendetta’s(p.171)
  • Chapter 13Qin Shi and the F.B.I.(p.195)
  • Chapter 14Lee Chin and the Twins(p.211)
  • Chapter 15The Beginning ofAmerica’s Economic Downfall(p.223)
  • Chapter 16Political Strife for Chairman Guofeng(p.227)
  • Chapter 17The Twins’ College Days(p.237)
  • Chapter 18Revenge on Russian(p.255)
  • Chapter 19General Chong Back in America(p.261)
  • Chapter 20Ti in the Military(p.269)
  • Chapter 21Development of the E.H.F. Weapon(p.273)
  • Chapter 22The Twins Personal Life(p.281)
  • Chapter 23The War in Afghanistan(p.289)
  • Chapter 24Intel-A-Dyne in the military(p.303)
  • Chapter 25Recreational Drug of Choice(p.309)
  • Chapter 26Intel-A-Dyne the Global Leader(p.319)
  • Chapter 27Secret Testing of the E.H.F.-1(p.321)
  • Chapter 28The New Millennium(p.325)
  • Chapter 29The Groundwork for War(p.333)
  • Chapter 30Corporate America Continuesto Erode the Economy(p.351)
  • Chapter 31The Death of Chong(p.355)
  • Chapter 32The Failed American Economy in 2009(p.381)
  • Chapter 33Global Conflict(p.387)
  • Chapter 34The Initial Strike Force(p.395)
  • Chapter 35China’s Covert Operations(p.415)
  • Chapter 36The Invasion Begins(p.431)
  • Chapter 37The Forth Pandemic(p.433)
  • Chapter 38Aerial Attack Begins(p.441)
  • Chapter 39Air Base 1’s Strike Force(p.453)
  • Chapter 40Attack on Metropolitan America(p.459)
  • Chapter 41Day Two of the Attack(p.473)
  • Chapter 42Day Three of the Attack(p.487)
  • Chapter 43Day Four of the Attack(p.497)
  • Chapter 44The Battle for San Francisco(p.513)
  • Chapter 45Primal Instinct(p.533)
  • Chapter 46The fall of San Francisco(p.543)
  • Chapter 47The End of America(p.547)