Sometimes it’s better to start all over from scratch


作者:by F. H. 'Larry' Ferguson


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61204-330-2 ; 1-61204-330-5

Adam Mann, a junior in college, takes his yearly trek into the Cascade wilderness. Then something mysterious happens to change his world forever. Soon he will be forced to take on responsibilities and perform a duty that will change others’ lives too. 

  • Chapter I Preparatory(p.1)
  • Chapter II The Trek Starts(p.5)
  • Chapter III What Was That?(p.9)
  • Chapter IV Is Someone Out There?(p.14)
  • Chapter V Getting To Know You(p.18)
  • Chapter VI Always A Gentleman(p.25)
  • Chapter VII Starting A Garden(p.30)
  • Chapter VIII Now There Is A Question(p.35)
  • Chapter IX Questions,Questions, Questions(p.40)
  • Chapter X The Decision(p.45)
  • Chapter XI Wedding Night #1(p.50)
  • Chapter XII How To Plant Potatoes(p.55)
  • Chapter XIII Dr. Jon Explains(p.60)
  • Chapter XIV Wedding Night #2(p.65)
  • Chapter XV We Need To Go Shopping(p.70)
  • Chapter XVI Woof Is An Outside Dog(p.74)
  • Chapter XVII There Ain’t No WayTo Please A Woman(p.78)
  • Chapter XVIII Wedding Night #3(p.83)
  • Chapter XIX The Sperm Machine(p.88)
  • Chapter XX A Shopping We Will Go(p.92)
  • Chapter XXI The Killer Rooster(p.96)
  • Chapter XXII Wedding Night #4(p.101)
  • Chapter XXIII Teach A Man To Fish(p.106)
  • Chapter XXIV Wedding Night #5(p.111)
  • Chapter XXV Fishing Trip #2(p.116)
  • Chapter XXVI Are You SureYou’re Not Black?(p.121)
  • Chapter XXVII Dr. Jon’s Reasons(p.126)
  • Chapter XXVIII Got Milk?(p.130)
  • Chapter XXIX Eggs R Us(p.134)
  • Chapter XXX Bacon On The Hoof(p.139)
  • Chapter XXXI Thanksgiving(p.144)
  • Chapter XXXII Thanksgiving Night(p.148)
  • Chapter XXXIII Pre-Partum Depression(p.152)
  • Chapter XXXIV Christmas Shopping(p.156)
  • Chapter XXXV The Christmas Tree(p.161)
  • Chapter XXXVI The Agony OnlyA Mother Can Know(p.166)
  • Chapter XXXVII Christmas EveT(p.173)
  • Chapter XXXVIII Christmas Day(p.177)
  • Chapter XXXIX The Great Hunter(p.181)
  • Chapter XL Bad Kitty Cat(p.186)
  • Chapter XLI Dr. Jon Vs. Eve(p.191)
  • Chapter XLII The Name Game(p.196)
  • Chapter XLIII One Misstep(p.200)
  • Chapter XLIV The Recuperation(p.205)
  • Chapter XLV The Doctor’s Reprieve(p.209)
  • Chapter XLVI Secrecy(p.214)
  • Chapter XLVII The First Born(p.218)
  • Chapter XLVIII Carol’s Problem(p.221)
  • Chapter XLIX A Pipe Dream(p.226)
  • Chapter L How To Be A Plumber(p.231)
  • EP ILOGUE(p.238)