The Golden Dome


作者:Bernard Steele[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61897-156-2 ; 1-61897-156-5

Synopsis: The British Security Services contacts America's National Security Administration with disturbing information: A cell of terrorists in Morocco is planning an attack on the Golden Dome, a Muslim Mosque located in Jerusalem. Two professors and their families must be extracted from Morocco because they have crucial information. A strike team is assembled and a plan hatched to move the informants to Gibraltar, which is British territory. A luxury yacht is used to disguise the team's intention, but a spy is smuggled aboard. When the stowaway is located barricaded in a cabin, the firefight that follows is mean, vicious, and deadly. During the extraction from Morocco, a fight breaks out on the waterfront resulting in injuries, death, and a wild chase across the Mediterranean. The antagonists race each other over land and sea, and finally clash in Jerusalem. Will the twisted plan for total war be averted? ----

About the Author: Bernard Steele is a naturalized American citizen who has lived in the United States since 1985. His work experience includes 19 years in Law Enforcement prior to migrating to America, and 22 years in the private sector as a franchise owner. Steele holds a Bachelor of Science degree in the Administration of Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix and a Diploma from the British Institute of Bankers. Married and the father of five children and six grandchildren, he retired in 2006 at the age of 64 and has since devoted his time to writing. ----- Publisher's website: ----- read less

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