Back to Ground Zero


作者:Angelo Thomas Crapanzano[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61204-931-1 ; 1-61204-931-1

Back to Ground Zero is a science fiction novel about the life and adventures of Antonio Corelli. After a devastating auto accident, he was left in a state of depression. The accident, which took the life of his beloved wife of 50 years, destroyed his present world like an atomic bomb. He referred to the place of the accident as Ground Zero.

His life as Antonio Corelli ended when fate brought him to the doorstep of Dr. Roger Westfield, who connected Antonio’s brain to the super high-tech computer that the doctor developed. With the high intellectual power that resulted, they were able to transform Antonio into a young man with capabilities beyond normal men. Using these powers, he experienced strange and exciting adventures. His story comes to an unusual and surprising conclusion when he returns to the place it all started: Ground Zero.

Back to Ground Zero is Angelo Thomas Crapanzano’s fourth novel. He is also the author of A Different Time, A Different Earth; Terror in Black and White; and Notorious Casolini. He graduated from Cleveland State University as an electronic engineer and worked forty-two years on electronic systems for missiles and advanced aircraft. When he retired, he was manager of the Electronic Research and Development Department of an aerospace corporation. To learn more about the author and his other novels, visit

  • Dedication(p.VI)
  • Acknowledgments(p.ix)
  • Chapter One Unexpected Turn of Events(p.1)
  • Chapter Two Search For A Purpose(p.13)
  • Chapter Three All Objectives Met(p.30)
  • Chapter Four Major Success(p.53)
  • Chapter Five Double Disaster(p.71)
  • Chapter Six A New Beginning(p.95)
  • Chapter Seven Retribution(p.114)
  • Chapter Eight Search for Ellie(p.140)
  • Chapter Nine Home Sweet Home(p.166)
  • Chapter Ten Alone Again(p.186)
  • Chapter Eleven A New Life(p.210)
  • Chapter Twelve Building A Reputation(p.232)
  • Chapter Thirteen More Adventures(p.250)
  • Chapter Fourteen Success At Last(p.263)
  • Chapter Fifteen The Trial(p.284)
  • Chapter Sixteen A New Romance(p.303)
  • Chapter Seventeen Love Was in the Air(p.324)
  • Chapter Eighteen Back To Ground Zero(p.345)