A kiss from the heart


作者:by Barbara Cartland


出版社:Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd

出版地:[Hatfield, UK]

集叢名:Barbara Cartland pink collection:48


ISBN:1-908303-72-7 ; 978-1-908303-72-1

Lord Robert Templeton is adamant that the responsibilities of his newly inherited Earldom are not for him. Leaving his family home, Ledbury Hall, in the capable hands of his younger brother, Alec, he plunges headfirst into the heady delights of London nightlife.

But his carousel of gambling, drinking and selfish pleasure is cut short and he is forced to return to home. Disenchanted by the society beauties that relentlessly pursue his handsome face and title, and willfully ignoring the attentions of an attractive but overbearing widow, the Earl swears that he will never marry.

Feeling doomed to a life in the country, the Earl is delighted by his timely re-acquaintance with Miranda Whitby, a childhood friend who once saved his life. Beautiful, capable and determined, Miranda inspires the Earl to plan for the future of his estate. As their friendship deepens and the Earl eagerly shoulders the responsibilities he once shirked, he is reminded of a promise he made Miranda many years earlier.

But can a promise made as children withstand adult secrets? When the mysterious Lord Brookfield suddenly appears, danger hangs over Miranda threatening to destroy her dreams and the future happiness of everyone.

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