A chronicle of intimacies


作者:by J. S. Raynor


出版社:Dolman Scott Ltd

出版地:[Cheshire, UK]

格式:EPUB 流式



The year was 1991 and John Raynor’s life was in a mess. At fortysix, two years after separating from his wife, he was living on his own and the future seemed very bleak. And then, there was Carol, a divorcee two years younger than him. Suddenly, everything changed, hopefully for the better. The bond was immediate and intense. The problem was that, one day, Carol would need John, both physically and emotionally, while the next, she would be secretive, cool and distant.

This is the true account of a sixteen month relationship which turned John’s life upside down, with the added complexity of him being registered blind. During this period, he traveled to Paris, Amsterdam and Singapore and made close friends with Wendy, Angeline,Jasmine, Mirz, Amanda and Sarah, but Carol had stolen his heart. Everything in this account is factual, except for Carol’s true identity.

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  • CHAPTER ONE - APRIL, 1991(p.navPoint-3)
  • CHAPTER TWO - MAY, 1991(p.navPoint-4)
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  • CHAPTER FOUR - JULY, 1991(p.navPoint-6)
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  • CHAPTER NINE - DECEMBER, 1991(p.navPoint-11)
  • CHAPTER TEN - JANUARY, 1992(p.navPoint-12)
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN - FEBRUARY, 1992(p.navPoint-13)
  • CHAPTER TWELVE - MARCH, 1992(p.navPoint-14)
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN - APRIL, 1992(p.navPoint-15)
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN - MAY, 1992(p.navPoint-16)
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN - JUNE, 1992(p.navPoint-17)
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN - JULY, 1992(p.navPoint-18)
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN - AUGUST, 1992(p.navPoint-19)