Do due diligence:cutting through the crap in network marketing


作者:by Greg Hartmann


出版社:Motivational Press, Inc.

出版地:Carlsbad, CA


ISBN:978-1-935723-04-2 ; 1-935723-04-9

Network Marketing is one of the hottest, fastest, growing businesses of our time. It is also one of the most misunderstood. This book will allow you to make a sound, fact-based evaluation of the Network Marketing profession and the companies you may be considering getting involved with. I hope to help you avoid the heartache and financial frustration of jumping in and learning the hard way.

  • Foreword by Mark Yarnell(p.xi)
  • About the Author(p.xvii)
  • Dedication(p.xix)
  • Acknowledgements(p.xxi)
  • Introduction(p.xxv)
  • Historical Perspective(p.xxxi)