Literary theory:some traces in the wake


作者:Alexander C. H. Tung.;董崇選


出版社:Showwe Information Co., Ltd.


集叢名:Yu yan wen xue lei:AG0075



Here is a collection of fifteen papers bearing on some interesting issues or problems that a modern literary scholar may have often thought of.  In this book, you will find critical, and often original, ideas about such things as modernism, postmodernism, wit, imagination, literariness, originality, and genre classification.  You can consider, along with the author, such topics as the intentional fallacy, the circle of textualization, the linguistic spaces of poetry, the method of comparative literature, the death of the author, the concepts of work, text, and discourse, the reconciliation of mimetic and expressive theories, and the analogy between biotechnology and creative writing. These traces in the wake of literary theory can be very awakening and rewarding.

Alexander C. H. Tung

Alexander C. H. Tung is currently a professor of English at National Chung Hsing University and Chung Shan Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan. He is also the establisher and maintainer of the much-visited DGD English-Learning Website ( He has published quite a number of academic and creative works in English or in Chinese.

  • Preface(p.III)
  • On“Modernism”as a Literary Term(p.1)
  • The Value of Genre Classification(p.19)
  • On the Originality of Literary Works(p.29)
  • The Magic Mirror with a Magic Lamp: Towards a Reconciliation of Mimetic and Expressive Theories of Literature(p.41)
  • When Comparative Literature Ceases to Compare(p.55)
  • The Nature and the Locus of “Literariness”(p.71)
  • The Dichotomy of Imagination(p.85)
  • “The Intentional Fallacy” Reconsidered(p.93)
  • The Circle of Textualization(p.109)
  • Work, Text, Discourse: Literary Problems, Old and New(p.161)
  • The Augustan “Wit” Re-examined(p.231)