Acrobats of reason


作者:by Graham Leonard Butchart


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781609768058; 9781609118853


Acrobats of Reason is the compelling story of Martin Wilson-Jones, his struggle to survive Indonesia's corporate world and the steady erosion of his own principles. Under the constant pressure from the greed and corruption of his adversaries and those he once respected, Martin almost loses everything; including his life.

'In their peaceful introspection the Balinese people struggled in a nation devoid of logic and so blinded by religious lunacy it could no longer hear the rhythm of life for the pounding drums of corruption and greed'.

For Martin Wilson-Jones it all was over. It was time to go.

Graham Butchart lives in Queenstown, New Zealand. He is currently working on the sequel to Acrobats of Reason.

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  • CHAPTER ONEA Question of Law and Orders(p.1)
  • CHAPTER TWO How Once It Was(p.17)
  • CHAPTER THREE Enter the Dragon(p.25)
  • CHAPTER FOUR Enter Two Dragons(p.41)
  • CHAPTER FIVE To Be Arrested or Not to Be Arrested(p.51)
  • CHAPTER SIX A Positive and a Negative(p.67)
  • CHAPTER SEVEN Incident in a Laneway(p.77)
  • CHAPTER EIGHT Offense and Defence(p.93)
  • CHAPTER NINE To Each His Own(p.125)
  • CHAPTER TEN A Chain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link(p.133)
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN With the Benefit of Hindsight(p.139)
  • CHAPTER TWELVE Get the Horn by the Bull(p.161)
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN If Not for Hope(p.171)
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN Gone but Not Forgotten(p.175)
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN Relief but No Respite(p.189)
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN The Final Straw(p.195)
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Emotional Vulnerability(and Other Love Songs)(p.225)