The Italian school teacher


作者:by D.W. Chisholm


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781612046204; 9781609119829

An Italian school teacher travels to America to claim his inherited ranch in Nebraska. Upon arriving he is caught up in the violence over ranchers’ water rights, shot at and kidnapped.

  • Chapter 1(p.1)
  • Chapter 2(p.7)
  • Chapter 3(p.13)
  • Chapter 4(p.23)
  • Chapter 5(p.27)
  • Chapter 6(p.31)
  • Chapter 7(p.37)
  • Chapter 8(p.47)
  • Chapter 9(p.51)
  • Chapter 10(p.53)
  • Chapter 11(p.59)
  • Chapter 12(p.63)
  • Chapter 13(p.91)
  • Chapter 14(p.97)
  • Chapter 15(p.103)
  • Chapter 16(p.109)
  • Chapter 17(p.111)
  • Chapter 18(p.115)
  • Chapter 19(p.121)
  • Chapter 20(p.125)