Secrets to Effective Weight Loss


作者:Shaun Brodison[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-60860-763-1 ; 1-60860-763-1

Whether you struggle with an underlying medical condition or not, Secrets to Effective Weight Loss, is a dynamic book that will get you into the shape and fitness level you desire.

  • Introduction(p.1)
  • Chapter1 Dispelling Common Myths(p.3)
  • Chapter2 Secrets to Effective WeightLoss Training(p.11)
  • Chapter3 Tailoring the Lifestyle toExercise(p.31)
  • Chapter4 Nutrition(p.37)
  • Chapter5 Fitness Testing(p.45)
  • Chapter6 Exercising with MedicalConditions(p.51)
  • Chapter7 The Five Steps to WeightLoss(p.63)
  • Chapter8 The Weight Loss Program(p.71)
  • Chapter9 Exercise Diagrams andTeaching Points(p.93)
  • References(p.191)