My Whole Life and 48 Years of Small Town Family Medical Practice


作者:Paul A. Tanner, Jr. MD[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781606932704; 9781606932988

Tanner's autobiography, enhanced with patient comments and quotes, is a nostalgic look at a life and career in a small town.

  • Introduction(p.VII)
  • 1 Growing Up, the Age ofInnocence(p.1)
  • 2 College and World War II(p.39)
  • 3 Medical School, Internship,and Marriage(p.79)
  • 4 A Family Doctor at Last:The Golden Age of Medicine(p.109)
  • 5 I Fell off the Roof(p.147)
  • 6 You Are Dead in the Morning(p.177)
  • 7 Every Parent’s WorstNightmare(p.213)
  • 8 50 Years of Investing(p.243)
  • 9 Office Visits and Patient’sComments and Quotes(p.263)
  • 10 More Patient’s Commentsand Quotes(p.295)