My Sunset Rendezvous:Crisis in Tahiti


作者:Ila France Porcher[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781612042145; 9781609118105

The adventure story of the author's unprecedented intimacy with reef sharks, how she discovers their intelligence, and becomes the 'Jane Goodall' of sharks.

  • Chapter One Flight to the Tropics(p.1)
  • Chapter Two A New Life(p.7)
  • Chapter Three Adventures in the Ocean(p.17)
  • Chapter Four Sharks(p.24)
  • Chapter Five Merlin(p.36)
  • Chapter Six Merlin’s Recovery(p.48)
  • Chapter Seven The Search(p.61)
  • Chapter Eight In Merlin’s Memory(p.67)
  • Chapter Nine The Assemblingof My Sharks(p.73)
  • Chapter Ten Sorting Out the Sharks(p.89)
  • Chapter Eleven A Change of Season(p.101)
  • Chapter Twelve The Sunset Rendezvous(p.108)
  • Chapter Thirteen The Breeding Season(p.121)
  • Chapter Fourteen The Season of Storms(p.130)
  • Chapter Fifteen Kimberley, Marianna,and Twilight(p.138)
  • Chapter Sixteen Puzzles(p.146)
  • Chapter Seventeen In the Dry Season(p.158)
  • Chapter Eighteen Madonna’s Pups(p.167)
  • Chapter Nineteen Another BreedingSeason Begins(p.176)
  • Chapter Twenty Adventures in the Storms(p.194)
  • Chapter Twenty-One Further Investigations(p.212)
  • Chapter Twenty-Two The Mirror Experiment(p.217)
  • Chapter Twenty-Three The Range Experiments(p.221)
  • Chapter Twenty-Four The Dry Season Returns(p.230)
  • Chapter Twenty-Five Meadowes(p.238)
  • Chapter Twenty-Six Poachers(p.252)
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven Shilly(p.260)
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight December(p.273)
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine Accident at the Spawning Event(p.284)
  • Chapter Thirty The Change(p.289)
  • Chapter Thirty-One Carrellina, Chevron,and Sparkle Too(p.299)
  • Chapter Thirty-Two Spooky and Kim(p.307)
  • Chapter Thirty-Three The Bad Sharks(p.312)
  • Chapter Thirty-Four Thinking it Out Again(p.329)
  • Chapter Thirty-Five The Good and the Sad(p.341)
  • Chapter Thirty-Six The Endof the Breeding Season(p.347)
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven The New Program(p.360)
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight My Sharks(p.371)
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine Mysteries of the Sea(p.378)
  • Chapter Forty The Aftermath(p.392)
  • Chapter Forty-One The Coming of Carrellina(p.403)
  • Chapter Forty-Two Ordering My Sharks(p.410)
  • Chapter Forty-Three Thoughtful Sharks?(p.418)
  • Chapter Forty-Four More on Thinkingin Animals(p.421)
  • Chapter Forty-Five Christobel and Flannery(p.444)
  • Chapter Forty-Six Crisis(p.451)
  • Chapter Forty-Seven The Nurse Shark(p.461)
  • Chapter Forty-Eight Interrupted(p.478)
  • Chapter Forty-Nine The Cock Thieves(p.492)
  • Chapter Fifty Back to the Sharks(p.504)
  • Chapter Fifty-One More Trouble(p.513)
  • Chapter Fifty-Two Preparations(p.526)
  • Chapter Fifty-Three Food for the Filming(p.536)
  • Chapter Fifty-Four The Final Days(p.548)
  • Chapter Fifty-Five The British Broadcasting Corporation(p.560)
  • Chapter Fifty-Six Peace(p.584)
  • Chapter Fifty-Seven Sharks: Size Matters(p.594)
  • Chapter Fifty-Eight Life and Death Go On(p.599)