Everyone’s child


作者:by Nancy Orlando


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781609766009; 9781608604197

The voice of the child living the events, carries you into the daily life and trials of the WWII years of the 1940's.

  • Dedication(p.v)
  • Introduction(p.xi)
  • 1.My World at War(p.1)
  • 2.Learning to Hate(p.9)
  • 3.Supporting a War(p.18)
  • 4.Gas and Bicycles(p.27)
  • 5.War is Bad ButDentists Are Worse(p.34)
  • 6.Grandma andGrandpa’s House(p.42)
  • 7.My Conductor(p.57)
  • 8.Feeding Soldiers(p.62)
  • 9.Not All HeroesCome Home(p.68)
  • 10.War In Daddy’sHometown(p.74)
  • 11.The President(p.80)
  • 12.It Was Over(p.89)
  • EPILOGUE(p.91)