A Summer in ’69


作者:Dee Davidson Dosch[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781609768782; 9781609112073

Take a trip back in time to the summer of '69 and travel with three naive young women as they lived and worked in Europe. This coming-of-age memoir is a fun and exciting blend of travelogue and adventure.

  • Acknowledgments(p.v)
  • Introduction(p.vii)
  • A Summer in ’69(p.1)
  • Chapter 1(p.11)
  • Chapter 2(p.25)
  • Chapter 3(p.35)
  • Chapter 4(p.46)
  • Chapter 5(p.55)
  • Chapter 6(p.66)
  • Chapter 7(p.75)
  • Chapter 8(p.91)
  • Chapter 9(p.103)
  • Chapter 10(p.113)
  • About the Author(p.125)