With or Without God, Life’s Mysteries Continue:Ruminations on God, Life, Death, Spirits, Reincarnation and the Future of Humankind


作者:Sondlo Leonard Mhlaba, PhD[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781609769284; 9781608608638


The book addresses life's big questions from a unique perspective; questions about God, life, death and beyond, and the future of the human race.

  • Dedication(p.iii)
  • About the Author(p.v)
  • Acknowledgments(p.xi)
  • Chapter I Home Is Where My Life’s Questions Began(p.1)
  • Chapter IV God as the Ultimate Boss(p.63)
  • Chapter V God as the Poor People’s Revenge(p.73)
  • Chapter VI God and Human Egos(p.79)
  • Chapter VII The World According to Our Brains(p.87)
  • Chapter VIII Science and Religion Join Forces(p.93)
  • Chapter IX Everything from Nothing(p.97)
  • Chapter XII So Much Left to Understand(p.119)
  • Chapter XIII The Limits of What We Can Know(p.123)
  • Chapter XIV Spirits and Channels, Close and Personal(p.131)
  • Chapter XV Resident Spirits, Clairvoyance, and Lessons from Mom(p.145)
  • Chapter XVII The Future of Humankind(p.169)
  • End Notes(p.179)