Shards of war:fleeing to & from Uzbekistan


作者:by Michael G. Kesler


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781612041827; 9781609761455

Shards tells of siblings’ wartime flight from Ukraine, struggles in the Soviet Union, and discovery at war’s end of mass graves of their 8,000 compatriots.

  • Foreword(p.IX)
  • Preface(p.1)
  • CHAPTER 1Leaving Home-The Day of Judgment(p.9)
  • CHAPTER 2Crossing the Old Soviet Border –A Step Ahead of the Germans(p.25)
  • CHAPTER 3Making Our Way to Stalingrad –The Angels of Kirovograd(p.37)
  • CHAPTER 4Surviving, Just Barely, in Aksai –The Thief(p.53)
  • CHAPTER 5Fleeing Stalingrad – The Watch(p.71)
  • CHAPTER 6Living Among Uzbeks –The Veterinary Assistant(p.85)
  • CHAPTER 7Serving Briefly in the Army –The Soloist(p.111)
  • CHAPTER 8A Refugee in Samarkand –The Weaver(p.133)
  • CHAPTER 9Going Home – Home No More(p.151)
  • CHAPTER 10Coming Home – Bearing Witness(p.161)
  • SEQUELLetters to Tatte (Father)(p.181)
  • APPENDIX IThe Rise and Demise of JewishLife in Ukraine(p.193)
  • APPENDIX IIDeath of the Jews in Dubno(p.207)
  • APPENDIX IIIBarbarossa(p.217)
  • APPENDIX IVSelected Maps(p.223)
  • APPENDIX VChapter 10 Poem Set to Music(p.227)
  • Acknowledgements(p.229)
  • About the Book(p.231)
  • About the Author(p.233)