The Jesus Book


作者:Daniel Rogers[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:9781612045146; 9781609761004


Attention is paid to the accomplishments of one man defeating Attention Deficit Syndrome via Martial Arts and cheating death the saving power of Jesus Christ.

  • Introduction(p.3)
  • The Beginning(p.5)
  • Chapter One BC—Before Knowing Christ(p.9)
  • Chapter Two Teenage Years before Christ, B.C.(p.11)
  • Chapter Three Affects of Training on the Mind(p.19)
  • Chapter Four Effects of Training on the Body’s Self Worth(p.21)
  • Chapter Five Conversion Experience,Healing Part One(p.27)
  • Chapter Six Healing, Part Two(p.37)
  • Chapter 7 Healing, Part Three(p.40)
  • Chapter Eight Ongoing Education(p.44)
  • Chapter Nine Trust(p.51)
  • Chapter Ten Marriage(p.56)
  • Chapter Eleven God’s Love(p.60)
  • Chapter Twelve The Last Chapter or a New Beginning?(p.64)
  • Conclusion(p.69)