Understanding METH:The Epidemic


作者:Don L. Sutton[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn



Understanding METH: The Epidemic is an informative, easy to read and inspiring self-help book explaining the drug that is shattering lives throughout our communities.

  • Why write a book about Meth?(p.1)
  • Chapter 1: The History of Meth(p.17)
  • Chapter 2: Understanding Meth Addiction(p.24)
  • Chapter 3: Signs of a Meth Addiction(p.29)
  • Chapter 4: The Author’s Story(p.35)
  • Chapter 5: True Tales of Meth Addiction(p.55)
  • Chapter 6: Emails to Grandpa Don(p.167)
  • Chapter 7: Recognizing a Relapse(p.185)
  • Chapter 8: Statistics(p.193)
  • Alcohol Statistics(p.193)
  • Marijuana Statistics(p.196)
  • Cocaine Statistics(p.197)
  • Meth Statistics(p.198)
  • OxyContin Statistics(p.199)
  • Is there a meth lab in your neighborhood?(p.201)
  • How to Identify a Meth Lab(p.202)
  • Appendix : Meth Terms & Slang(p.205)
  • A Song From A Friend(p.218)