What Art Is - and Isn’t:An Aesthetic Tract


作者:Donald Knowles Richardson[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781612042206; 9781609764166

A book on the various concepts of 'Art'.

  • Other Books by Donald Knowles Richardson(p.III)
  • Acknowledgements(p.V)
  • Index(p.VII)
  • Some Definitions of Art(p.IX)
  • What Art Is—And Isn’t an aesthetic tract(p.1)
  • So—Art is not design(p.9)
  • Craft is not art(p.16)
  • So—Craft is neither art nor design(p.20)
  • Art does not equal aesthetics(p.22)
  • The unrecognized pre-eminence of the aesthetic(p.23)
  • The aesthetic has no sex(p.26)
  • So—Art is not beauty(p.26)
  • Art is not pornography(p.32)
  • Art is not ‘creativity’(p.32)
  • Art is not the artist—with exceptions(p.33)
  • Artists are born and made(p.34)
  • Art is form and content(p.35)
  • Representation is not art(p.41)
  • Expression, metaphor and symbolism(p.43)
  • The computer can’t make art(p.45)
  • Art is originals(p.46)
  • Portraiture is not art(p.46)
  • Art is not entertainment(p.50)
  • But, Art is not industry or business(p.50)
  • Art is not even ‘creative industry’(p.51)
  • Graffiti is not art(p.51)
  • Conclusion: What art is(p.53)
  • What is good art?(p.55)
  • What good is art?(p.56)