Take flight:overcoming mental illness


作者:by Rebecca K. Carter


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF

ISBN:9781608609987; 9781609764418

Author’s Book is a 12-Step Outline on How to Receive Aid if You Suspect Yourself or Someone You Know has a Mental Illness…and How to Get Help

  • Overview(p.1)
  • Birth through Primary School(p.11)
  • Primary School(p.19)
  • Behind Closed Doors(p.27)
  • Edgar Fahs Junior High(p.31)
  • Escapades in Southern France(p.37)
  • Just How Far Would I Go?(p.49)
  • My Trip Down Under(p.61)
  • Philly(p.69)
  • Setting Down in the Land Of Oz(p.73)
  • Our Red-Haired Miracle(p.79)
  • Judge Judy Times Three(p.89)
  • First Birthday on Toast(p.91)
  • Tess Becomes a World Traveler(p.93)
  • Music for Tots(p.103)
  • Mastering Books(p.109)
  • What Goes Up Comes Down(p.113)
  • I'm Doctored(p.115)
  • Double Trouble(p.117)
  • Going "Troppo"(p.121)
  • 1990-My Melt Down(p.125)
  • Back to Baltimore(p.135)
  • How I Got My Gray Hair(p.137)
  • Finally, an Answer(p.145)
  • Yellow Brick Road(p.147)