The Missing Handyman Gene


作者:Michael Patterson[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn



This book is a comical but entirely true collection of ridiculously flawed decision making, mostly involving handyman projects, stretching over 25 odd years

  • Introduction(p.4)
  • The Early Years(p.5)
  • Broadening My Skills(p.7)
  • Cooking Genius(p.8)
  • Sport And Work – Is there nowhere safe?(p.9)
  • Married – House begging for a handyman(p.12)
  • Genius Helps Workmates(p.14)
  • Back To The Home Front –Children to impress(p.15)
  • The Final Disaster – I Lived(p.17)
  • Suspense – This really was ridiculous(p.19)