The Sword and the Spear


作者:Rod Landreth[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-60976-531-6 ; 978-1-60911-170-0 ; 1-60976-531-1 ; 1-60911-170-2

The Sword and the Spear contains stories, Bible verses, Christian parables and discussions about God’s true intention for his children to defeat “Satan’s Spear.” Many will find themselves pierced by the deceptive and controlling influence of God’s most fa

  • Dedication(p.3)
  • Acknowledgements(p.5)
  • Synopsis(p.7)
  • Introduction(p.17)
  • Chapter One The Luggage and Rack(p.23)
  • Chapter TwoThe Heart of Hearts(p.33)
  • Chapter Three Lie and Lure(p.41)
  • Chapter Four The Untwisting of Oaks(p.53)
  • Chapter Five Habitual Happenings(p.67)
  • Chapter Six Birds of a Feather(p.76)
  • Chapter Seven Hands Clasped Together(p.86)
  • Chapter Eight Fallen Countenance(p.98)
  • Chapter Nine Making a Difference(p.108)
  • Chapter Ten A Storm is Brewing(p.117)
  • Chapter Eleven The One-Man Stand(p.125)
  • Chapter 12 Trust Ye Not(p.133)
  • Chapter 13 Total Exposure(p.142)
  • Conclusion(p.150)
  • End Notes(p.155)