The I Ching:The Book to Turn to for Wisdom


作者:Michael Hurn[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Everyone needs guidance at some time in their life. In today's busy world, your usual sources - family, friends, church, etc. - may not always be available to help. This is where The I Ching (the book of change) can be a useful source of comfort and advice. The I Ching is an oracle that has been in use in China for over 5,000 years in one format or another. People ask the I Ching questions, and the answers they get back make sense. As you would expect with a book that has been around for this length of time, there are many translations and interpretations of the I Ching available. For over 30 years, author Mike Hurn has been studying, using, and introducing the I Ching to others. In this time, he has found that people new to the I Ching find it easy to learn and use; but at first they tend to have a few problems accessing the wisdom contained within the oracle. Therefore, he has written The I Ching to show respect for this ancient oracle while making it simpler for people to access its wisdom.

Michael Hurn resides in Ottawa, Canada, with his wife, Claire and daughters Jessica and Amanda. He is a computer network security and systems integration specialist. They have had their share of tough times, and throughout them all, the I Ching has been a constant source of wisdom, guidance and hope for their future.

  • Introduction(p.5)
  • How This Book Works(p.9)
  • How to - Consult the I Ching(p.12)
  • Worked Examples(p.15)
  • The Trigrams(p.23)
  • Your Notes(p.28)
  • The Hexagrams(p.29)
  • Bibliography(p.158)
  • King Wen - Hurn, Lookup Table(p.160)
  • How to - Summary(p.161)
  • Example I Ching question sheet(p.162)