How To Have More Confidence In Your Life:A Metaphysical Insight


作者:Lynn Merrin[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Synopsis: How to Have More Confidence In Your Life is the first of four volumes in the series of How To Have More In Your Life books that takes the reader on a journey of consideration beyond the physical, expanding the conscious mind and impressing the subconscious with daily affirmations and visualization. Complete with verses and charged with Reiki energy, this book is your daily guide to creating more confidence in your life.

About the Author: Lynn Merrin B.Ms & Reiki Master has studied Metaphysics, Psychotherapy, Natural and Vibrational Therapies, and Neurolinguistic Programming/Hypnotherapy since 1986.

  • Independence(
  • Conf idence(p.1)
  • Self-Acceptance(p.2)
  • Individuality(p.5)
  • Independence(p.9)
  • Poise(p.12)
  • Calm(p.15)
  • Inner Peace(p.18)
  • Posture(p.21)
  • Grace(p.24)
  • Dress(p.28)
  • Smile(p.31)
  • Charm(p.34)
  • Handshake(p.37)
  • Eye Contact(p.40)
  • Voice(p.44)
  • Confidence Verse(p.47)
  • Communication Verse(p.49)
  • Desiderata(p.50)
  • The Seven Principles of Hawaiian Huna(p.51)
  • Flower Power Fragrances(p.52)
  • “How to Have More” Confidence, Ambition, Love, and Serenity in Your Life(p.53)