Journey of the Heart


作者:Sharon Outlaw[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Escape into the magic and beauty of the Appalachian Mountains to a time of homemade soup, herbal medicine women, and back-country traveling preachers. Follow Dr. William Pritchard as he learns to tend suspicious mountain folk, integrating their old-time beliefs and practices with modern medicine.

The community of Possum Hollow abounds with humor, superstition, folklore, tragedy, along with stills, moonshine and family.

Will William decide the mountain’s hardships are too great to overcome? Or will the relationship between the mountaineers and a flatlander lead to William’s journey of the heart in finding love?

Sharon Outlaw lives with her son and husband in Georgia. She has been an avid reader and writer since youth. Sharon attributes her fertile imagination to her love for history and a childhood where she grew up traveling the world as the daughter of a career Army officer.

  • Chapter 1(p.1)
  • Chapter 2(p.10)
  • Chapter 3(p.20)
  • Chapter 4(p.34)
  • Chapter 5(p.51)
  • Chapter 6(p.66)
  • Chapter 7(p.84)
  • Chapter 8(p.94)
  • Chapter 9(p.106)
  • Chapter 10(p.128)
  • Chapter 11(p.149)
  • Chapter 12(p.160)
  • Chapter 13(p.171)
  • Chapter 14(p.185)
  • Chapter 15(p.196)
  • Chapter 16(p.200)
  • Chapter 17(p.209)
  • Chapter 18(p.219)
  • Chapter 19(p.236)
  • Chapter 20(p.246)
  • Chapter 21(p.257)
  • Chapter 22(p.272)
  • Chapter 23(p.282)
  • Chapter 24(p.294)
  • Chapter 25(p.305)
  • Chapter 26(p.316)
  • Chapter 27(p.324)
  • Epilogue(p.iv)