Deception:A Shattered Trust


作者:Susan Butler[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Two shots were fired. Her husband lay dead on the floor of the study. The Lady could only observe, no emotion betrayed. A man, an imaginary friend solely conjured to keep her sane under the forced existence of the aristocrat who had deceived, captured and made her be his wife, stood over the prostrate being of Sir Robert.

As she is dragged away from the bloody scene, Lady Felicity relives in her mind the same four days, five years apart, after the end of the Great War in Europe, each day duplicating the shattering personal events of death, inquest and funeral, some reality, some imagined, not knowing which is which. Was she released from bondage only to be delivered to a new captor? As her mind gradually clears, it appears that her new master seems to be the same type of cunning demonic man as before … only more emotionally devastating. Will Lady Felicity ever be able to escape from the men who control her? Had she? Her memory is so hazy and unreliable, bordering on induced insanity. Was there any hope in solving the enigma … before it’s too late?

Susan Katrinka Butler resides in Lakeland, Florida, where she is currently working on her next book.

  • Dedications(p.iii)
  • Chapter One(p.1)
  • Chapter Two(p.3)
  • Chapter Three(p.5)
  • Chapter Four(p.14)
  • Chapter Five(p.21)
  • Chapter Six(p.26)
  • Chapter Seven(p.41)
  • Chapter Eight(p.47)
  • Chapter Nine(p.53)
  • Chapter Ten(p.64)
  • Chapter Eleven(p.86)
  • Chapter Twelve(p.95)
  • Chapter Thirteen(p.102)
  • Chapter Fourteen(p.117)
  • Chapter Fifteen(p.135)
  • Chapter Sixteen(p.140)
  • Chapter Seventeen(p.153)
  • Chapter Eighteen(p.176)
  • Chapter Nineteen(p.188)
  • Chapter Twenty(p.211)
  • Chapter Twenty-One(p.248)
  • Chapter Twenty-Two(p.278)
  • Chapter Twenty-Three(p.309)
  • Chapter Twenty-Four(p.320)
  • Chapter Twenty-Five(p.343)
  • Chapter Twenty-Six(p.366)
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven(p.390)
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight(p.398)
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine(p.421)
  • Chapter Thirty(p.427)
  • Chapter Thirty-One(p.437)
  • Chapter Thirty-Two(p.449)
  • Chapter Thirty-Three(p.455)
  • Chapter Thirty-Four(p.466)
  • Chapter Thirty-Five(p.472)
  • Chapter Thirty-Six(p.474)
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven(p.480)
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight(p.490)
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine(p.494)
  • Chapter Forty(p.502)
  • Chapter Forty-One(p.514)
  • Chapter Forty-Two(p.519)
  • Chapter Forty-Three(p.520)
  • Chapter Forty-Four(p.522)
  • Chapter Forty-Five(p.526)
  • Chapter Forty-Six(p.532)
  • Chapter Forty-Seven(p.539)
  • Chapter Forty-Eight(p.542)
  • Chapter Forty-Nine(p.546)
  • Chapter Fifty(p.559)
  • Chapter Fifty-One(p.565)
  • Epilogue(p.568)