Decoration for Valor


作者:Joe Cassilly[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Set during the turmoil of the Vietnam War, Jake, a twenty year old Army Ranger returns from the battlefield with a crippling spinal injury. At Walter Reed Hospital, his self-doubt and dread of his physical limitations are put into perspective by the veterans he meets and his courageous determination to live. His nurse has also returned from her tour of duty in Vietnam. The emotional scars from war have altered her return to the life she once had and the husband she thought she knew, she finds this patient can help her. While healing his life with spirit and humor, Jake has to evaluate his feelings about the war when he meets a 21 year-old student nurse who has made a commitment to serve in Vietnam. Her friends discourage her, citing their aversions to the War. These three lives intersect, generating new strength and hope to meet their life’s challenges.

Joe Cassilly was a U.S. Army Ranger in Viet Nam in 1970. He was injured in combat and uses a wheelchair. He was awarded a Combat Infantry Badge and Purple Heart. In 2011 the Disabled American Veterans named Joe the Outstanding Disabled Veteran. In 1977 he became a prosecutor and has been an elected State’s Attorney in Maryland since 1982. In 2008 he was president of the National District Attorneys Association. He has degrees from the University of Arizona (psychology) and the University of Baltimore (law). He and wife Diana live in Benson, Maryland. Decoration for Valor is his first novel.

  • Chapter 1 On Good Legs(p.1)
  • Chapter 2 Old Men’s War, Young Man’s Fight(p.7)
  • Chapter 3 The Second Goodbye(p.11)
  • Chapter 4 Christmas Presence(p.15)
  • Chapter 5 The First Goodbye(p.19)
  • Chapter 6 Her New Start(p.25)
  • Chapter 7 The Bed Bath(p.29)
  • Chapter 8 The Purple Heart(p.35)
  • Chapter 9 Despairing of Forever(p.39)
  • Chapter 10 The Hell in My Mind(p.45)
  • Chapter 11 Veteran’s Hospital(p.49)
  • Chapter 12 Three Nurses(p.53)
  • Chapter 13 Pigeon-holed(p.59)
  • Chapter 14 Morning(p.61)
  • Chapter 15 Wheels!!!(p.65)
  • Chapter 16 Ben(p.73)
  • Chapter 17 HRONK!!(p.77)
  • Chapter 18 REMFs(p.81)
  • Chapter 19 Life in the Real World(p.89)
  • Chapter 20 Motives(p.97)
  • Chapter 21 Slow Dance in a Wheelchair(p.105)
  • Chapter 22 Happy Birthday, Baby(p.113)
  • Chapter 23 Flushing Out the Doc(p.121)
  • Chapter 24 Left Behind(p.125)
  • Chapter 25 A Mother and Child(p.133)
  • Chapter 26 To Look Normal(p.139)
  • Chapter 27 A Bachelors’ Party(p.145)
  • Chapter 28 The Ultimate Humiliation(p.151)
  • Chapter 29 The Phone Call, the Bathroom, and the Orphanage(p.155)
  • Chapter 30 The Feeling of the Grey House(p.163)
  • Chapter 31 The Body Image(p.173)
  • Chapter 32 Adventures in Wheelchair Land(p.177)
  • Chapter 33 Little Old Aunt(p.185)
  • Chapter 34 What I Deserved(p.193)
  • Chapter 35 Growing Older(p.201)
  • Chapter 36 A Thanksgiving Party(p.207)
  • Chapter 37 Against Medical Advice(p.215)
  • Chapter 38 Lt. Donovan(p.221)
  • Chapter 39 Flo’s Determination(p.229)
  • Chapter 40 Graduation(p.237)
  • Chapter 41 Looking for a Love(p.243)
  • Chapter 42 A Last Goodbye(p.251)
  • Chapter 43 A Father and a Son(p.257)
  • Chapter 44 Back on the River(p.265)
  • Chapter 45 Widows, Orphans, and Cripples(p.269)
  • Chapter 46 October 1987(p.273)
  • Chapter 47 The Reunion(p.277)
  • Chapter 48 No More Goodbyes(p.287)
  • Epilogue(p.293)