Riding Shotgun in an 18-Wheeler


作者:Toni Dietkus[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Nick Lane & Toni Dietkus try to survive in a fantasy, “a cabin on a mountain in Montana.” Finally broke and there not being local jobs, they jump into trucking—long hauling across the USA. From the passenger seat Toni writes of events and sketches scenes from the road in letters to a friend (who saves them all). These on the- spot letters become Riding Shotgun In An 18-Wheeler.

Toni Dietkus raised her family in affluent Seattle, WA but always desired the simple life. Not publishing as a writer of fiction, she turned to writing and illustrating what she did know: daily life as a mountain woman/trucker.

  • CHAPTER 1 Broke in Montana(p.1)
  • CHAPTER 2 The Over-the-Road Transportation Business(p.9)
  • CHAPTER 3 A Fateful Twist(p.23)
  • CHAPTER 4 On the Road Again(p.29)
  • CHAPTER 5 On the Road Again, Again(p.71)
  • CHAPTER 6 Winter Driving(p.95)
  • CHAPTER 7 Discouragement(p.121)
  • CHAPTER 8 Treacherous Times on the Road(p.129)
  • CHAPTER 9 Spring, Heat, Sympathy(p.161)
  • CHAPTER 10 The Greenest Load and Oddities(p.177)
  • CHAPTER 11 Dispatcher Blues(p.189)
  • CHAPTER 12 Time, Pigs and Discontent(p.199)
  • CHAPTER 13 Getting Left Behind(p.213)
  • CHAPTER 14 After Words(p.221)