The 6th Seal


作者:John Pritting (J.M. Emanuel)[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn


ISBN:978-1-61897-133-3 ; 1-61897-133-6

When Satan clones himself, laying the groundwork for his control of the Earth, Vatican official Angelo Sarvitorri is given the job of protecting Satan’s secret in return for a vaunted position under Satan’s rule. But word leaks out, falling into the hands of an old priest, Father Gudino, and two of his followers, Jason and Maggie. They must expose Satan’s doppelganger so that the truth of Christ’s ultimate return can be revealed. In the process, the decisive battle of good versus evil plays out, with humanity caught in the middle.

Jason, Maggie, and Father Gudino carry the banner for Christ’s second coming, and uphold God’s message warning of the greatest deception to ever to be foisted upon the human race. Told with a Christian audience in mind, The 6th Sealis a terrifying tale of apocalypse, as well as a story of resurrection and faith that dares to explore an alternative perspective on Biblical apocalyptic doctrine.

J.M. Emanuel hopes to shed light on what he believes is the grand delusion that the Bible says will happen in the end times. He wants to encourage all Christians to read the Bible for themselves, particularly the Book of Revelation, and draw their own conclusions about the timing of the return of Christ. Emanuel received the Gold Award for Religious Fiction in the 2009 Independent Publishers Book Awards and the Silver Award for Fiction/Thriller in the 2009 Readers’ Favorites Book Awards.

  • Acknowledgements(p.ix)
  • Prologue:The Experiment(p.1)
  • Destiny Beckons(p.7)
  • The Journals of His Holiness, Angelo Sarvitorri—Federation Origins(p.13)
  • Escape from Red Creek Canyon(p.17)
  • The Journals of His Holiness, Angelo Sarvitorri—The Coronation(p.25)
  • Dreams:Messengers from God(p.33)
  • Capitoline Hill, Rome(p.45)
  • The Vatican Archives(p.51)
  • The Book of Seven Seals(p.53)
  • The Post Office(p.57)
  • The Pope Contacts Father Gudino(p.59)
  • The Pope and His Cardinals Arrested(p.63)
  • Exiled(p.65)
  • A New Pope(p.67)
  • The Journals of His Holiness Angelo Sarvitorri—State of the World Address(p.69)
  • Missing Documents(p.73)
  • The Package(p.77)
  • The Emperor Learns the Truth(p.87)
  • The Number of a Man(p.89)
  • Gemstone(p.93)
  • Escape from Gemstone(p.101)
  • Under Fire(p.105)
  • The Ranch House(p.107)
  • Another Gunship(p.111)
  • Gun Runners(p.115)
  • Falcon-9 Down(p.119)
  • River Crossing(p.121)
  • The Sand Dunes(p.125)
  • Picked Up on Radar(p.129)
  • Andrade Port of Entry(p.131)
  • The Tunnel(p.135)
  • Algodones(p.139)
  • Federales(p.145)
  • Maggie’s Song(p.151)
  • Guadalupe Canyon(p.155)
  • The Journals of His Holiness, Angelo Sarvitorri—World Reformation(p.159)
  • The Invasion Begins(p.163)
  • The Oath of Allegiance(p.165)
  • The Bus(p.171)
  • The Camp(p.179)
  • The Men’s Barracks(p.185)
  • Indoctrination(p.189)
  • Firing Squad(p.193)
  • The Resistance(p.197)
  • The Journals of His Holiness, Angelo Sarvitorri—A New Temple(p.201)
  • Betrayal(p.205)
  • Captured(p.209)
  • The Palace Dungeon(p.211)
  • The Angel of Death(p.215)
  • Interrogator’s First Meeting with Jason(p.223)
  • Xiuying(p.227)
  • Interrogator’s First Meeting with Maggie(p.231)
  • Maggie’s Prayer(p.235)
  • Interrogator’s First Meeting with Father Gudino(p.237)
  • The Word of God(p.241)
  • The Interrogator Reprimanded(p.247)
  • Second Meeting with Jason(p.251)
  • Second Meeting with Maggie(p.255)
  • Second Meeting with Father Gudino(p.259)
  • The Bladder Buster(p.263)
  • The Journals of His Holiness, Angelo Sarvitorri—The Executions(p.269)
  • Father Gudino Speaks with the Emperor(p.277)
  • The 6th Seal is Opened(p.281)
  • Satan’s Rage(p.283)
  • Epilogue(p.285)
  • About The Author(p.307)