Internet Girls


作者:Paul Tagney (Tom Harding)[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


Internet Girls: A Beginner's Guide to Eastern Europe's Marriage Agencies is the author's true account of all major personal experiences since 1997: including twelve trips abroad to the Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, meetings with hundreds of women via internet, introduction socials, media photo ads, extended relationships, two short-term marriages, and one girl-friend murdered by a jealous ex-boy friend, all documented in detail.

Learn about correspondences, life abroad, contacts with other foreigners, scams by agencies and women, all described extensively, providing an eye-opener on one of today's biggest personals industries.

Great assistance to hundreds of thousands of clients searching internet girl websites, giving them a different, unique, candid view of the business, with realistic presentations of problems encountered overseas when searching for an internet girl.

All potential clients in this business are customers for this book. Websites all advertise 'happy foreign-bride couples', but how many are still together today? Very, very few!

This book also provides information for people curious about the phenomenon, who aren't
clients of the product.

Born in Great Britain, Tom Harding grew up in Canada, wrote for local newspapers as a teenager, then for college newspapers and creative literary publications while majoring in literature at university. Tom originally just kept a diary as he began his travels to Eastern Europe in search of a genuine serious life partner. As the trips extended over many years, and his meetings with internet girls became an incredible romantic roller-coaster ride, with seemingly endless ups and downs, the journal evolved into the novel which now contains all his experiences in the 'Internet Girls Arena'.

  • Introduction(p.v)
  • Chapter 1: How I Got Into the Game, then Kept On Coming Back(p.1)
  • Chapter 2: 1997-98: Yelena from Krivoy Rog(p.5)
  • Chapter 3: 1999-2000: Renata from St Petersburg(p.14)
  • Chapter 4: Summer 2000: Silva/Crimea, Inna/Moldova, Anya/Saratov, Irena/Kiev(p.21)
  • Chapter 5: Winter 2001: Lana from Kherson(p.25)
  • Chapter 6: Spring 2001: Katya/Fastiv, Karine/Simferopol, Yana/Russia(p.28)
  • Chapter 7: Spring-Fall 2001: Larisa/Golaya Pristan(p.32)
  • Chapter 8: Fall 2001-Winter/Spring 2002 : Luba from Nikopol(p.36)
  • Chapter 9: Winter 2003: Kiev(p.42)
  • Chapter 10: March 2003: Kiev after Kherson(p.61)
  • Chapter 11 March 20th, 2003 Surprise Meeting With an Old Friend(p.67)
  • Chapter 12: April 2003: Final Month In Kiev(p.70)
  • Chapter 13: Summer 2003: Luba Comes to North America(p.75)
  • Chapter 14: Fall 2003-Spring 2005: Luba After the Wedding(p.79)
  • Chapter 15: Summer-Fall 2005: Luba Calls it Quits(p.82)
  • Chapter 16: Spring-Summer 2006: Back in Kiev(p.85)
  • Chapter 17: March-April 2007: Kharkov-Kiev-Kherson/ Meeting With Yulia(p.108)
  • Chapter 18: May 2007: More Time With Yulia(p.127)
  • Chapter 19: April 2009:Yulia’s Tragic Fate & On From There(p.140)