Serving the Insane:True Stories from the Diary of a Psychiatric Nurse


作者:Bruce Donald Gilham[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

格式:EPUB 流式,PDF


From 1969 to 1974, Bruce Donald Gilham experienced a mental institution from inside its locked doors... as a psychiatric nurse. Written from the perspective of forty years later, this collection of stories lays bare the dramatic characters, colorful events and shattering reality of the experience. This is a book that only someone who was there could create. Fascinating, riveting and completely true, Serving the Insane makes an unforgettable impression.

Bruce Donald Gilham was born in Australia and currently resides in Hobart, Tasmania, where he works as a health professional. He was inspired to write Serving the Insane in order to share an extraordinary experience gained during an incredibly eventful life.

  • Introduction(p.vii)
  • Interview with a Bulldog(p.1)
  • Santa's Workshop(p.5)
  • Mike(p.7)
  • Wolf Among the Lambs(p.10)
  • The Myopic Catatonic(p.15)
  • A World of Contrasts(p.18)
  • Oatmeal Outlaws(p.22)
  • The Wrestler's Lessons(p.24)
  • Jimmy the Egg(p.29)
  • Human Zoo(p.32)
  • Mistreated Migrant(p.36)
  • Pot Black(p.40)
  • How Many Chairs?(p.44)
  • Kadaitcha(p.47)
  • The Self-Appointed Policeman(p.50)
  • Piss Pot's Planned Escape(p.53)
  • Super Service Car Wash(p.56)
  • Personal Murder(p.59)
  • Tutankhamen and the Cowboy(p.62)
  • Death on a Broomstick(p.65)
  • The Doctor's Bicycle(p.69)
  • The Paraplegic Psychopath(p.72)
  • Chicken, Eggs, and UFOs(p.76)
  • A Tale of Two Axes(p.78)
  • A Dwarf and a Harmonica(p.80)
  • Tree Talker(p.82)
  • Terrifying Italian(p.84)
  • Sleepy Stan(p.87)
  • Butter and a Carrot(p.90)
  • The Mother, the Son,and the Heavy Spirit(p.92)
  • Attitude and Punishment(p.95)
  • Gentlemen's Club(p.98)
  • Afterword—From Bedlam to Benevolence(p.101)