Obama’s Great Lie


作者:John Loase[作]


出版社:Strategic Book Group

出版地:Durham, Conn

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President Obama inspired this book, when, in his recent speech at the University of Texas -Austin, he urged the United States to retake the #1 position in college graduation rates by 2020. President Obama must be aware that our current economic and jobs' crisis will likely plunge us even deeper into an educational quagmire by 2020.Few challenged President Obama's absurd goal.

Dr. Loase invented the word sigfluence in 1984 to define significant, long-term, positive influence. In Dr. Loase's 8th book, The Sigfluence Generation, John reveals the enormous Potential and Need of our 18-25 year olds to affect sigfluence. However, they need mentorship from Baby Boomers to realize their potential. Our Millennials need honesty, not lies, to positively transform America. The United States is mired in educational denial and neglect. For each of our nine educational lies, this work exposes the lie and details the remedy. Our crumbling educational infrastructure reflects our society at risk. In order to transform American education, we must overcome our denial and transform ourselves. Our 18-25 year olds are ready. Are we?

John F. Loase is Professor and Chair of Mathematics at Concordia College-NY. He earned the only doctorate awarded by Columbia University Teachers College in Mathematics (emphasis Statistics) and Psychology (emphasis Educational and Psychological Measurement). John's first 8 books were on sigfluence, his new word for significant, long-term, positive influence. John's 8th book, The Sigfluence Generation, revealed our young people's high Need and Potential to affect sigfluence. However, they need mentorship from Baby Boomers to transform America in a positive manner.

Obama's Great Lie is a response to President Obama's recent proposal to establish America as #1 in college graduation rates by 2020. This was deceitful and absurd given our current demographic, economic, political, and educational dynamics. John has received both state and national awards for excellence in teaching, having taught the gamut from violent inner city schools, elite private schools, and college- freshmen through Ph. D. levels. In Obama's Great Lie, he confronts our collective denial and advances concrete strategies for educational and societal reform.

  • LIE #1 - America can become the world leader in college graduation rates by 2020.(p.7)
  • LIE #2 – The Purpose Of American Education Is To Educate(p.14)
  • LIE #3 - There Exist Omniscient Supervisors Who Can Validly And Reliably Evaluate And Rank Teachers(p.22)
  • LIE 4 – Our 18-25 Year Olds Are Self-Absorbed Narcissists(p.29)
  • LIE 7 – Education and Values and Religion Do Not Mix(p.51)
  • LIE 8 – Poor Parents Do Not Care About Their Children’s Education(p.60)
  • LIE 9 – We Can Do Nothing To Transform Education(p.63)
  • Appendix A.(p.69)
  • ENDNOTES(p.72)