Cross-cutting issues under the WTO:non-economic concerns and enhancement of healthier trade ties


作者:Tsai-Yu Lin(林彩瑜)


出版社:Angle Publishing Co


集叢名:Asian Center for WTO and international health law and policy book series:v.3


ISBN:9789862551738 ; 9862551739

Cross-cutting issues, by their very nature, usually cause legal and practical complications and go beyond a purely trade dimension. How to ensure that trade measures taken under the WTO would not turn into excessively disruptive elements for the protection of non-economic interests or the operation of different regimes poses a challenge ahead for the WTO. This book addresses this challenge from two perspectives.

Part I explorers some key non-economic concerns. It includes issues on FCTC tobacco advertisement restrictions, anti-tobacco smuggling in light of Dominican-Cigarettes Case, compulsory licenses for access to medicine under bilateral investment agreements, excessive trade response to 2009 A/H1N1 influenza outbreak, and trade and cultural protection in the context of anti-dumping. Part II discusses some areas for the enhancement of healthier trade ties. It includes issues on DSU Article 21.5 compliance proceedings, export subsides remedies, DSU Article 25 arbitration, EC-IT product Case, and regional procurement arrangements in East Asia.

It is expected to be a useful book that helps readers (including scholars, practitioners, and students) widen their understanding of the WTO law.


本書第一部分探討若干主要的非經濟關切。相關議題包括FCTC菸品廣告限制、Dominican-Cigarettes案與菸品走私、雙邊投資協定下之藥品強制授權、因應2009 A/H1N1新流感之過度貿易措施、反傾銷架構下之貿易與文化保護。本書第二部分則以促進更健全之貿易連結之角度處理若干領域。相關議題包括DSU 第21.5條履行審查小組程序、出口補貼救濟、DSU 第25條仲裁、EC-IT product案、東亞區域之政府採購安排。



經歷:國立政治大學法學院兼任教授。我國參與WTO、OECD及台加雙邊經貿會議隨團法律顧問。國立台灣大學法律學院「亞洲WTO暨國際衛生法與政策中心」諮詢委員。臺大法學論叢、Asian Journal of WTO & International Health Law and Policy、Contemporary Asian Arbitration Journal等期刊編輯委員。
學歷:國立政治大學法學博士。英國愛丁堡大學(The University of Edinburgh)法學碩士。國立政治大學法學學士。
著作:Cross-cutting Issues under the WTO: Non-economic Concerns and Enhancement of Healthier Trade Ties。貿易與公共衛生之法律問題。WTO貿易救濟與爭端解決之法律問題。

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