Personality and psychometric testing for business resource manual


作者:by Jimmy Petruzzi


出版社:NLP Centre of Excellence

出版地:[England, United Kingdom]

格式:EPUB 流式

Personality and Psychometric testing in business Learning Resource Manual: by Jimmy Petruzzi is widely recognised as being one of the leading practical resources on psychometric and personality testing for business. The resource manual sheds light on the importance of using psychometric and personality tests in the field of business, providing employers potentially a better way of recruiting and ensuring that potential employees are suitable for certain positions. It also includes real life examples that can be used to measure the effectiveness of psychometric and personality tests in order to analyse and evaluate the capability and personality of candidates.

In this resource manual, you will find valuable information regarding various personal assessment instruments. There are sample tests based on various personality assessment models to help you understand the kind of questions that are asked in such personality tests and the elements they aim to explore of a candidate’s personality and capabilities.

In addition to that, the importance, benefits and limitations of such testing in the workplace has been explained point by point for your information. This guide will help you know more about workplace testing and its various elements.

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